Hyde Park Neighbourhood Plan

Your thoughts

This vision is not fixed in stone. If you feel that there is something missing or something not quite right, then please come along to our next meeting to let us know.


Hyde Park Neighbourhood Information

There's all sorts of things that you need to know about life in the neighbourhood that aren't that easy to find out. So we have put together a list of links to some of the most needed neighbourhood information, from when your bins will be emptied to who to contact if your neighbours are too noisy.

foto hereFrom coffee mornings to gigs by world-famous bands, we'll try to keep you updated here.

Thank you.


All kinds of departments, all of whom avoid contact with the people they serve.

Non Council

Hyde Park and Woodhouse Online - an interesting site/blog about our neighbourhood and the issues facing it. Recently updated, full of interesting and relevant points.

Woodhouse Moor Online - a similar site/blog but more closely focused on the Moor. Also recently updated.

Protect Woodhouse Moor - a small site listing the failings of the Council in their job of maintaining the Moor. Not updated since 2009 and showing how things are slowly improving - when was the last time you saw a bonfire on the moor?

The History of the Hyde Park Picture House - at the heart of our neighbourhood for the last century.

Student's eye view of Unity Day - from 2011.

Shame about the Hyde Park Olympic Legacy.