Hyde Park Neighbourhood Plan

Your thoughts

This vision is not fixed in stone. If you feel that there is something missing or something not quite right, then please come along to our next meeting to let us know.


Hyde Park Neighbourhood in Pictures

Hyde Park has been photographed since the earliest days of photography. It hasn't changed a lot, but it is fascinating to see what life was like up to a hundred years ago. It has also been an inspiration for artists to create paintings and drawings.
If you have any pictures (photos , drawings or paintings) that you would like to share, please send us copies and we'll add them here.

foto hereClick on any of the thumbnails for a larger image or click on the titles for slideshows.

Woodhouse Moor

foto herePark life

Hyde Park Corner

foto hereThe pub was once a hotel and the shops are constantly changing

Hyde Park Picture House

Hyde Park Picture House thumbnailThe unchanging heart of our neighbourhood; photogenic for over a century

Houses of Worship

Hyde Park mosque thumbnailChurches, mosques, temples - our diverse neighbourhood has the lot

Our Neighbourhood

Hyde Park mosque thumbnailFrom back to backs to Victorian mansions, cafes to ice cream parlours, grocers to timberyards...
It's whatever you make of it - send us your pics, please.

Hyde Park Bin Yards

A lot of the bin yards for the back-to-backs have been done up with murals or mosaics. Dmitrijs Oginskis has photographed them and some of the other grafitti in the area. His gallery is here.

Hyde Park Bins

Andrew Macpherson has been photographing various aspects of Leeds 6 street culture for several years. You can find his gallery of 'artistically improved' wheelie bins here. And a wonderful collection of the area's grafitti over the past few years in his blog here.